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Here is all the recent info for SD9 courtesy of

Super Conductor Tyranno
Sacrifice a monster from your field to do 1000 damage to opponent. This effect can only be activate once per turn. Also, when you activate this effect, this monster cannot declare attack that turn.
(NOTE: Effect is not complete)

Great Evolution Pill
Magic - Normal
Sacrifice a Dino sub-type monster from your field to activate. This card stays on the field 3 turns (counting opponent's turn) after its activation. When this card is on the field, Dino sub-type can be summon without sacrifice.

Hunting Instinct
Trap - Normal
This card can be activate when a monster is special summon onto opponent's field. Special summon a Dino sub-type monster from your hand.

Jurassic World
Magic - Field
Increase the attack and defense strength of all Dino sub-type mosnters by 300.

Large Eruption
Trap - Normal
When [Jurassic World] is on the field, this card can be activate during your End Phase. Destroy all cards on the field.

Big Earthquake
Trap - Continuous
This card can be activate when a Dino sub-type monster on your field is destroy and send to Graveyard. Choose 3 spaces in Magic/Trap card zone on opponent's field. The chosen Magic/Trap card zone cannot be use. All place(s) with cards cannot be choose. This card is destroy on your third Standby Phase after this card is activate. When destroy by this effect, choose a Dino sub-type monster in your Graveyard and add it to your hand.
UPDATE FROM 6/4/06: From TV CM
Tail Swing
(Unclear Type, but it's a Magic)
[Effect Unknown]

Survival Instinct
Trap - Normal
Remove any number of Dino sub-type monsters from your Graveyard from game. For each Dino sub-type monster removed from game this way, increase your lifepoints by 400.

Just to add: The cards [Black Tyranno], [Black Ptera], [Black Stego], and [Ultimate Tyranno] are confirmed to be in this structure.


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As far as monsters are concerned Lavoid, there probably won't be any. There will probably be the usual spells and traps in addition to the set theme cards.