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From the news I've read over at Sitcoms Online, the upcoming ninth season of Scrubs will have thirteen episodes. It will only sometimes be set at Sacred Heart. The rest of the time (and from what I understand, the majority of the time) will be spent at Med-School. Dr. Cox and Turk will both be teachers to the students. The other cast members will show up from time to time, but only Cox and Turk will be full time regulars besides the new cast member of course. The Janitor apparently won't be there at all because he's on another sitcom called The Middle which debuts in the fall. It's also mentioned that a big name will be joining the show for it's ninth season, though who it is was not mentioned.

So basically... Scrubs: The College Years, lol.
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That sounds pointless. If JD isn't the focus of the show then it won't be Scrubs. It doesn't work when anyone else has the crazy imagination because he's the one who invented that! They did a show once where you heard other peoples thoughts and it wasn't as good.
I like the other characters but they shouldn't call it Scrubs with JD now gone.


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I feel the need to quote myself which is rare.

I stand by it, Scrubs has finished. Any season not shot from JD's point of view isn't really scrubs at all but a spin off. I dont care if they call it Scrubs season 9, it's still a spin off.
What a way to beat a dead horse, I'm annoyed that the actors who play Dr Cox and Turk don't know better.
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