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Screwing up a job interview?


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Have you ever screwed up a job interview? What happened?

Once I went for an interview at Woolworths and rocked up at the address and all only to be notified that the interview was being conducted on other side of the city. So, I obviously did not go there because I only had 10 minutes to get there. Was shattered because I really wanted the job.


Sally Twit
Yes. I didn't read up on the company and they asked me what I knew about them. I was basically so desperate for a job that I was applying for everything that sounded good for me.
I really struggled to answer the question and I remember having to be honest with them, telling them I did read up on them, but that I couldn't remember a thing haha. It was so akward.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Job interviews make me so nervous that I can't remember anything. The last one I went on I thought I came off as lame but they must of liked me because they hired me. Really a big surprise.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Come to think of it I've never had a job interview go bad. They make me nervous just like everyone, but mine have gone well. My first professional job interview went pretty well, but I came out not really knowing or having a feeling of how it went at the time. I was kind of nervous and probably came across somewhat that way, but nothing big went wrong.

People can surprise themselves with success nervous or not, it's big for companies to get a sense of who you are and what you would be like to work with.


Creeping On You
I've never had a bad job interview. Every interview I've ever been to has resulted in me getting the job. Mind you, all my interviews have been for menial tasks like labour, or at a coffee shop lol, so I guess that's not saying much lol. I would think though that even if it was for a real job, I'd do well in an interview. I'm not usually nervous when I meet new people. Unless its a phone interview haha, I can't talk to new people on the phone. Only in person.