Mark ov teh Pond
Heeeeyy, any scrabble fans out there?

I think most places online (well, Yahoo!) call it Literati, but I was wondering how many people would play scrabble if we did get it? Chess sounds nice, but I like word builder and puzzle games (not to be mistaken with trivia). Anyone else?

I vant scrabble. :(


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I suck at scrabble, I only ever seem to be able to come up with 3-4 letter words tops. Could be interesting, but i'd much rather the chess suggestion.


Sultan of Swat
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I love Scrabble as well, and I think it would be really awesome if we were able to play against other members at GF, but hopefully people would go on Google or something of that nature to cheat.
I support this as well. I really like Scrabble and it'd give us something different to play. I don't mind Chess, but I believe Scrabble is more fun.


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Scrabble can't be added due to licensing fees. It's owned by Parker Brothers or somebody. The only reason Yahoo has it is because they paid the licensing and royalties.