scottie pippen, allen iverson, dwyane wade....


Sultan of Swat
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I like them all, it's just I don't like how Scottie Pippen is positioned on your first sig, but other then that, love the backgrounds, the font is good as well, and the Allen Iverson one is the best, I love that pose.


Aw, Here It Goes!
In order from my favorite to least favorite. The blending is great on all of them, the text is on point and the colors are perfect.

1.Wade 8.5/10
2.Iverson 8/10
3.Pippen 7.5/10


ugh sports sigs again ...

anyway... the scottie pippen one is very nice, expect for the image you used of pippen, doesn't blend or fit in very well in my opinion. However the text and background are very ncie.

the others are kind of bleh in my opinion so i'm not going to comment on them.
I hate making sigs like you do tan I get bored of them and I am not that great and I hate everything I make XD.

Very nice job though on all of them keep it up!