Scott Steiner


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I've never been a fan of Scott Steiner, yes he had the big muscles and everything but he can't wrestler and from what you posted he can't speak on the microphone either. Also rumors is that he has problems walking right now. He almost died a couple of times from taking all these steroids.
Was that Tomko in your video, wooly? Whoa, good to see him finding a home. After he left Christian back in WWE I thought he was gone for good...

The video: Hahaha... I love stuff like that. If WWE did promos like this rather than the normal rants backstage I would enjoy it that much more. Good stuff.


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Scott Steiner is big. He has muscles for his muscles. It is gross looking. I am not a big fan of him but during the early 90s he was pretty good until he started taking those steroids. I predict that Scott Steiner will die in the next two years due to his usage of steroids and nobody will be shocked. Sad to say that.


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There was a time when Scotty was genuinely one of the top 5 Wrestlers in the business but now he is just a mere shadow of his former self.