Scott Hall no shows at PPV


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Joe gets a mic and says that Scott Hall punked out on him and every fan in the building tonight by no showing. Samoa Joe says that he just realized he has a live mic on TNA. He says in TNA there are two types of wrestlers, one, TNA die hards who bust their butts every week and two, there are “superstars” who take time away from the wrestlers. He says he will explain what TNA is. He says it’s The Motor City Machine Guns, Black Machismo, and Samoa Joe. He goes on to say that TNA is about guys who love this business. He says its guys who risk their lives on scaffolding and wires, while the others come here to pad their pensions. He said he looked for a partner out of the guys in the back. He said that one man looked at him in the eyes and asked for a shot. Joe introduces his partner, Eric Young.

And then an update this morning...

The word going around backstage at last night’s Turning Point PPV was that Scott Hall no-showed the event due to “food poisoning." There was a tremendous amount of backstage heat on Hall as the company had been promoting the return of The Outsiders for weeks.

- Wade Keller is reporting that it is unknown if Kevin Nash was really upset following Samoa Joe’s promo where he was grouped with Scott Hall. Nash was said to be in a pretty good mood leading into the pay-per-view.


hall (no disrespect to him) hasnt been a consistent employee in yrs, quite like sean waltman aka x-pac. im kinda glad tho he didnt sho up cuz he doesnt seem 2 be in gr8 shape 2 perform