Scott Hall Looking To Join WWE Or TNA

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Omega, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Omega

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    Scott Hall, who will turn 48 years old next month, is currently training in hopes of making an in-ring comeback. Scott Hall and Sean Waltman have talked over an idea where DX would feud with the nWo. They plan on pitching the idea to WWE. Coincidently, a few people within WWE have proposed the idea of a DX vs. nWo feud as well, although there are several people adamantly against the idea.

    Should WWE ultimately reject the idea, Hall's second plan would be to join TNA. He was last seen in the promotion in January 2005. Hall also said that he doesn't want to go on the road full-time, in which case TNA would probably be a better fit for him than WWE.

    Also note, two DX vs. nWo Survivor Series posters surfaced online a few weeks ago - which is what originally sparked the DX vs. nWo internet rumors. Both posters are both fake, however, there is a good chance that this feud could become a reality after all.

    I believe this guy has no chance unless WWE does go with the who DX vs NWO (which I believe might be pretty cool.) I mean think about it back in the day when you use to watch WCW and WWE switching back and forth at the breaks in the shows. Thinking I wonder who is better NWO or DX. Now we might get to see this match up, but what about Kevin Nash and Hogan. I mean Nash cannot just leave TNA, also he is crappy and gets hurt alot. Hogan has so much problems as is. IMO Scott hall was never that great a wrestler in the first place. I just said something and then said the exact opposite, but I must stat both sides, you know the pros and cons.

    What does everyone think about Hall's return to the ring?

  2. Vincent_Valentine

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    I always liked Scott Hall/Razor Ramon. I could easily see, however, why he wouldn't be picked up by a promotion. He had problems with showing up drunk if I remember correctly. Not to mention that he is just getting old. The nWo vs. DX idea would be kinda cool, but it probably would get old quickly in my oppinion.
  3. shawnesty23

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    wwe and especially tna would be retarted to get him. there is no point as he sucks now and is a problem
  4. Babe_Ruth

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    I wouldn't mind having the old Scott Hall back, not the one that would show up to WCW events and puke on live television. I dont know how DX vs NWO would work, but if did happen, then DX would have to add a new member to the group to make it fair in my mind. I just think he needs some cash, and that's why he wants to wrestle again.
  5. Omega

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    Vince thats who they whould add:

    X-Pac was invited to Friday night's RAW brand house show by Triple H. He hasn't been signed, he was simply a guest. Although, there is a movement to bring back stars from the 90's and it wouldn't be surprising if he got hired again.
  6. Vidic15

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    He is getting old I think he should retire some day

    TNA is piece of $H!T, It sucks so it would be better for Hall to go to WWE. He might have chance there and be succesfull
  7. shawnesty23

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    lol it sucks? its worst ppv is betetr than wwes best haha
  8. Vincent_Valentine

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    TNA is alot better than WWE in my oppinion. Better wrestlers, better matches, better storylines. It just trumps WWE in practically every way in my oppinion.

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