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Scotland and Scottish!!!


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Where are all the Scots amongst us? I'm Scottish, proud and - lonely, am I the only one here today?


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Sorry, I'm not Scottish.....but I have heard some Scots speak, does that count??
The accent is cool~
The place will pick up soon, a lot of peeps are prolly still sleeping, but I also know some of them are from other countries, so the time varies for everyone :)


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I know Nixola is Scottish, so you definitely aren't the only one. I'm not sure if there are any others though.


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Phew, thanks, I'm not standing here all alone then!!! I'm sure there are more, just haven't met them yet:)
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yellow 4!
Yeah, the only other Scot that I can think of besides Nix is Dinoflintstone. But he comes and goes, not sure if he's around currently.


Boom Boom Pow!
Lol, I'm Scottish as Imp and Bex have told you.

Dinoflinstone is another Scot, but he is a bit strange and erratic with his comings and goings on the forum.

So yes, you are not the only one haha.


Boom Boom Pow!
Good to meet you Nix, consider your hand shaken on-line!!!

I see you're from Shetland. I think Dinoflinstone is from around that general area, the Highlands I think. I live in Aberdeen currently, but I'm not orignally from there.


still nobody's bitch
I have an ancestor who came from Scotland, does that count? How about if I have a thistle tattoo, does that make me one of the cool kids?

George you seem really damn cool, I hope you stick around.