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Do What Thou Wilt
Here is where you can submit your plots for the next Scissorhand Productions GF Film show. simply enter your plot line, and the poll will be edited to include yours. the poll will close tuesday evening.

This be mine

Everybody is having a good time, dancing, Icegoat jamming on the guitar. Then I walk in. I ask for a drink. The bartender says no, cuz I is a minor. I say fuck that and shoot icegoat for no reason. Chaos says "Oh MY GOD! HE SHOT ICEGOAT!"
Imp goes "You bastard!" and shoots me. Imp then says "Shooting people makes me hot." Then makes out again. (i think it should be a common theme of redemption that whenever someone shoots icegoat that Imp shoots them.)

Then Icegoat recovers and goes "What the fuck just happened?"
Imp (still making out) quits making out and says "HEY! Kind of busy here." and shoots Icegoat again. Chaos witnesses the whole thing and does a shriek, and faints. Who ever hes dancing with slaps him til he wakes up. He lights up a cigarette. The bartender shouts "HEY! NO SMOKING HERE! GET THE FUCK OUT!" Chaos cries and runs out. Imp goes "What a pussy."
Iris walks in and says "How many legs do you have to hump to get a daiquery around here?"

Barb says "You can hump my leg all you want, sexy!"

Everyone goes "What the fuck?"

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