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Scientists Discover an 'Instant Cosmic Classic' Supernova


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Viewing a supernova a mere hours after its explosion so close to earth is extremely rare---a once-in-a-lifetime event. It is located in the Ursa Major constellation (Big Dipper) in the Pinwheel Galaxy. In twenty-four hours it was already twenty times brighter and should continue.

A supernova discovered August 24 is closer to Earth -- approximately 21 million light-years away -- than any other of its kind in a generation. Astronomers believe they caught the supernova within hours of its explosion, a rare feat made possible with a specialized survey telescope and state-of-the-art computational tools.
Scientists discover an 'instant cosmic classic' supernova



Creeping On You
That's pretty neat. I always loved the episodes of Star Trek, or other space Sci Fi's when they'd show the suns super nova'ing. Always a spectacular site on TV, I can only imagine how neat it would be to see it in real life.


Where is my Queen?
Funny thing was that I was watching some space show on Netflix and it was describing how dangerous it is to have basically a star explode that close to us. The rays could come over and hit the Earth. Although that is highly unlikely of course. Hopefully it will get bigger so we can see it with our naked eye and possibly see the 'residue' of the explosion with out telescopes.


rainbow 11!
That's awesome! I wish I had a decent telescope, though it said a good pair of binoculars would work in a few weeks. Sometimes I wish I had been born at a later date so I could witness further space exploration.