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Scientist jailed after trying to pass nuclear secrets


Free Spirit
Staff member
A naturalized US citizen was jailed Wednesday for five years for attempting to help Venezuela build a nuclear weapon by passing on secret information, the US Justice Department said.

US scientist jailed for attempting to help Venezuela build a nuclear weapon
Glad they caught them, can't imagine Venezuela with a nuclear bomb, but I'm surprised he was only given 5 years. Trying to pass our secrets to others should get you a longer sentence. Which at his age, 79, this could very well be a life sentence. His wife was jailed for a year over this. To me that was a slap on the wrist. They both worked for Los Alamos National Laboratory in the past.

I have to wonder if we should limit anyone not born here access to sensitive material. I know that even that wouldn't guarantee someone wouldn't be a traitor. All it can take is someone getting dollar signs in their eyes for them to do something like this.

What do you think?


I agree. A lot of risk can be mitigated by not being so trusting with our sensitive military information. But then, it's only a matter of time before every country gets the bomb anyway, so maybe we should be working toward having really good relations all round as well.

- Cham


Free Spirit
Staff member
I don't think it would be possible to have good relations with everyone. There's North Korea and any country controlled by ISIS or Boko Haram. Don't see us ever getting along with them.


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What do I think?
I think its all tied up with the Libertador airbase and the Tupolev-160 Blackjacks. I mean the Tu-160s (patrolling the Gulf of Mexico) are nuclear capable and Venezuela wouldnt have to be a new Cuban Missile crisis if they already had their own nukes.

In a word - zOOmg! Russia is moving into Americas front yard (South America).
And dont forget that Russia recently created its own "foreign legion" to be deployed in other countries - overseas too.
Imo this probaly wont be the last time someone tries to sell nuclear secrets to Venezuela.
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