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School Shooting


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Sadly, there was another school shooting but the only fatality was a 14 year old gunman. 2 Students and 2 teachers were shot but they are going to be ok. The kid was suspended earlier this week and shot himself before cops arrived.

It's sad when something like this happens. I was listening to the radio and they said that they had a substitute security guard and the gunman managed to get in the school.



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As sad as that is, it's very good that nobody else was killed. Once again I wonder how a 14 year old gets ahold of a gun in the first place. This whole thing could have been avoided if that didn't happen.



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You always hear about these things and truly wonder what could have been done to prevent it. I know that I have wondered this myself a lot.


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Andrew, you'd be amazed at how many people (who own guns, espically handguns) just leave them lying around in a drawer or in a closet somewhere. (Its even easier if you live in a big city, atleast in NYC, because its easier to get things through "shady" methods.)

Its really good that no one was killed by this, and i wonder how this could have been prevented or stopped some how.


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It is always sad when this happens. I feel bad for the shooter because his life is over and wish I could have know what set him off. Someone might have been able to help.

It seems to me, there are some many more shootings going on this year. I know we seem to have one or two a day.


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I, as usual, will blame it on the parenting. It's a shame that these young lives keep ending. You never know how many Nobel Peace Prize winners, Albert Einsteins, or Martin Luther Kings have been killed in vein.