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school ride


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When in high school, to get there did you walk, bike ride, bus, hitch hike, horseback ride, buggy, row, motorcycle, car pool, parents drive you, or skip, or drop out?


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Sometimes I would drive when I could get the car or would ride with a friend. Most of the time though I had to ride the bus.


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Bus was a daily occurrence from Year 7 to Year 12. Sometimes Dad would drive me if he is not busy but during Year 12, we changed campuses, so I had to catch a train and then walk. Wasn't too bad.

As for Uni now, I used to catch the train to the City and then another to where the Uni is and top of that, walk. Now that I've got my licence, I drive.

Goodbye public transport.


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I walked. I didn't know how to drive, and my folks felt it was better for me to get the exercise than to simply take me there themselves. I'm glad they did that because now as an adult I much prefer getting places under my own steam.


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When in high school, to get there did you walk, bike ride, bus, hitch hike, horseback ride, buggy, row, motorcycle, car pool, parents drive you, or skip, or drop out?
Tricycle :D

We also did carpool with friends. Parents never picked me up and stuff. I commuted alone. I think the sweetest part of it was when I was accompanied home by my boyfriend.


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I always walked to school and picked a friend up along the way, didn't take very long. We did that for years. Only exception was when I was late, my mum would drive us both there.

When I was smaller, there was a thing at school called the walking bus. You wore a florescent jacket and got a sticker each day you were walked, in a line, with other kids, picking up more along the way and an adult helper at the back and front. It still exists as a very popular way for kids to get to school, I believe, and our headteacher was the one who brought the idea to the UK. You can read that here on Wiki: Walking bus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(my old school is Wheatfields)

kinda cool.


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In high school I was car pooled to school by someone older who went to the same school or my Mom drove or my friends Mom drove us. Once I got my license, I drove.

In grade school we were seriously only two blocks away but my Mom wouldn't let us walk there because she was afraid we'd get kidnapped so we were car pooled then too haha


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I live in a somewhat secluded area where there isn't a bus stop. I got to drive to school every day, not the worst setup in the world, but driving in a freezing cold car at 6:30 in the morning is not a comfortable way to start your day. :lol:

I remember always being on time for class in the morning with just a couple other people, the kids that rode the bus were marked tardy probably half the time because the stupid bus drivers didn't know what they were doing. :lol:


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My years were all different in high school...at first my Dad would always drop me off because I was on his way to work...after that my Mom would take me and drop me off, eventually along with a kid in my neighborhood that went to the same high school. My senior year, I drove myself.


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When in high school, it was a mix of all of it.

My freshmen year whenever I was in Florida, I walked. My sophomore and junior year, I road the bus.. and my senior year, I either road the bus, got rides from friends or my mom.