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School punishes student for giving drunk friend ride home.


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Erin Cox is a senior honor student at North Andover High School and was captain of her school volleyball team until she was punished and suspended for five games. The crime? She gave her drunk friend a ride home.

Honors Student Gave a Drunk Friend a Ride Home, Gets Punished By School - Alexander Abad-Santos - The Atlantic Wire
I don't agree with the schools decision to punish her. She wasn't drinking, all she did was give a drunk friend a ride home. I think she did the right thing.

What do you think about this schools decision?


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Isn't giving the drunk person a ride instead of letting them drive the right decision in this case?

It says that she was against the districts zero tolerance policy. I'm sorry... how exactly? Sounds like the district needs to get over themselves and change their policy.

Their policy seems ridiculously vague and allows for them to get anybody they want to with rules like that.


I'm serious
"If a kid asks for help from a friend, you don’t want that kid to say 'I’m sorry I can’t help you. I might end up in trouble at school,'"
I don't care that the school is trying to take a strong stance against alcohol, the message they are spreading here is so wrong. If anything, this girl should be commended for her actions in making sure her drunk friend got home safe.

I'd like to hear what happens with the parents lawsuit against the school.


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I think that the student was clearly acting responsibly. This is a ridiculous ruling by the school. You run into things like this when the schools, especially private ones, claim that the students are representing the school by acting irresponsibly. The worst part of this whole story is that there is no way this student was condoning the drinking or causing trouble. She was helping.


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Is this legit? I guess being a half decent individual and doing something for someone that couldn't otherwise help them self with good intent and not breaking any laws is against the law now.

Watch out boys and girls soon the already terrible U.S. education system will start teaching that being a good person is a bad thing. Or does it already do that?


Certified Shitlord
I live in a town next to this one so it has been a hot issue around here.

My problem is that because of how the district is handling this, it is basically the school saying, "Go ahead, let them drive drunk, don't get involved" which is the COMPLETE WRONG message we want to get out to kids. This girl may have saved her friends' life and possible others by giving her a ride and not letting her drive intoxicated.

School districts these days are breeding their problems and it's scary.


I'm serious
This does change things a bit. But if the school still initially punished her when they thought she was completely sober, I stand by my original stand point on this. Even if she did drink though, was she tested for alcohol consumption? If she was under the legal limit, she still did the right thing.