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School of fish flash-frozen in Norway


Free Spirit
Staff member
Lovund - If you think the weather near you has been cold, ask this school of fish how chilly Norway is lately. The entire school of saithe was found frozen solid in the ice just off Lovund island.

School of fish flash-frozen in Norway
This is the first time I've seen something like this and it is odd to look at. I wonder if when it thaws if the fish will be dead or alive. I know some species of animals can be frozen then when thawed still be alive.

Here they have a better picture of the fish and even show an elk frozen in a lake.

Stunning photos show fish frozen mid-swim in a Norwegian lake | Mail Online


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Ice fishing! Somebody could chop up the ice and sell those fish since they are already frozen. They wont survive in the ice cuz they have to breath with their gills and there wont be any air but thats tons of awesome seafood. =D


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Those are some stunning photographs, the wind chill must of amazing to freeze a body of water that fast.
The fish are dead, as Dr4gon said, they need to breath through the gills and I would think that if it got that cold that fast, to freeze a body of water that size to capture them, they are more than likely frozen all the way through.

Nature is astounding in what it can do at any given time.


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Those really are incredible photos. In the one of the fish, it's as of you get a snapshot of how a shoal of fish travels in the water. It is quite beautiful. I agree, the fish are probably dead, as there is no way for them to get oxygen into their bloodstream.