School Memories


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Me and my mates were talking about what we used to get upto when we were at primary together and realised how much sh*t we used to get away with.

Was wondering what everyone here got upto at theirs, with their mates?

I'll tell you one of mine just now but I'll save my best til last, after I've seen what others have got upto.

I still get away from talking underbreath. A teacher of mine is kinda deaf so, I really get pissed of with him and start cursing normally..but he doesnt hear..and he the class starts laughin and he doesnt know whats going yeah..he

We also found out where the main water tank was for the school. It was located in the roof space on the top floor, so me and a mate took away a roof panel, and climbed up. We proceeded to put about 20 bottles of green food dye in one of the tanks, resulting in the all the sinks on the 1st floor running with green water.