School in UK/USA and school in Poland?


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As you know, my English is ... faintly, so please don't laugh at me... I have only about 2.5 hours english lesson on week, excluding many pause or holiday.

I would like to know, what you have a school? Maybe i called it wrong ... Damn. At what age to go with you to school? On this year, row change law - 6 years ago kid, must going to school.
Breakdown of schools that is as follows:
- Szkoła Podstawowa ( Basic School ?) - i don't know, what name of this school are in UK... 6-13 years old.
- Gimnazjum ( Gymnasium ?) - i learn in that. 13-16 years old
- Liceum/Zawodówka/etc. ( Secondary school ) - 16-18,19
- Studia - Study, of course.

Can anyone provide as understandable as it is with you?

I want to know many information from other nation. I will ask... xd

If you want know information of Poland, ask me :) Boldly! If i understand question, I'll try to answer.
As I wrote in the my first topic, sometimes i can don't understand the text, and must translate. Likewise, the other side, if you can, check and amend :)

BTW: Anybody of UK/USA/Australia use time 24 hours? For example, 17:30, 23:20. Now my clock shows the time 21:15 (UTC +1)...
I never wrote "am" or "pm".
Cya :)


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In the UK;

Nursery = 3-4 years old
Primary = 5-10 years old (compulsory)
Secondary = 11-16 years old (compulsory)
Further = 17-18 years old
Higher = 19+
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Nursery = 3-4 years old
Kid going to school, when have 4 years old? A kind of kindergarten?
And what they learn? Write? Draw?


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In the US:

Preschool: ages 3-4 or 5.
Elementary School: 5-10 (grades K-4)
Middle School: 11-14 (grades 5-8)
High School: 15-18 (grades 9-12)
College: 18+


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Jaszi, i have bad news from my country... :s.
Many of people from Poland say about US "złodzieje" (robbers), bad partners, etc...
As one person say, they think that you are the navel of the world (no offense)...

In subject:
I see that you begin early learning and extends it for about 20 years ...
What I would give to have a year out (reportedly in the UK have any), go to the U.S. or the UK, and know your culture, customs, etc..