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School Carnivals


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During my school years, I took part in seven carnivals: 3 in elementary school and the other 4 in high school. They all took place in the fall.

My first carnival took place in 3rd grade. At first, I thought this carnival would have actual rides, but after realizing how narrow the school grounds were, especially with the playground, I realized that the carnival was just going to contain booths with food, games, and bake sales. Let me tell you, it was great:nod:.

The second one was in 4th grade and I actually had more fun than the first.:D There was this crazy game called the "Cupcake Walk." It involved the game of musical chairs; however, instead of a chair being taken away, the one who lands in the chair of the announced number wins a cupcake! I took part in it and my number was good ol' Lucky Number 7, and you know the rest. The most amazing thing was--I took part in it just as the game started!:lol: The climax of the carnival was the arrival of the Coast Guard Helicopter.

The third one in 5th grade, I thought it would canceled due to some unusual weather that took place on the Tuesday before. But things went right in the end and the carnival turned out fine.

The last four carnivals were during the day of Homecoming.

During the first one, I spent time with two of my close friends from Intermediate school. A choir performed in the gazebo, games were played including the one when you throw a ball at the target in order to dunk the person (that was a hard game), and one new thing I hadn't seen before: balloon tennis. Balloon tennis involves four teachers sitting under tennis rackets which, if hit, pops the water balloons and the water splashes on the teachers. At the end, I got to take home a free box of cupcakes!:D

At the second one, it was very much the same. :rolleyes:

The third one however was incredible. This time, I got better at balloon tennis and splashed several teachers, including my physics teacher!:lol: Everything was fun until it started to rain, practically ending the carnival.

The fourth and final one was nearly rained out due to a storm early that morning. However, it turned out fine and once again, I scored in Water balloon tennis.

Man, those were the days.


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Had a few school fairs, I really enjoyed them because I helped set it up and it was great to see my hard work pay off when I see people enjoying themselves.


Better Call Saul
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I assume these are the same as our "school picnics" that we had.

The School Picnic was my second favorite day of the year when I was a kid...behind Christmas. Okay I guess my birthday was 2nd but it was 3rd. I loved the rides and the games and the food.


Sally Twit
The only thing we had at school that sounds like that is a Summer Fair. It was basically to raise money for charity each year. It still happens and I always pop round because the school is round the corner from my mum and dad's house.

What happened was there would be a bunch of stalls selling crap, there would be music, food, bouncy castles, games, etc. It was fun when you were a youngster, but not so much now. I only go because it brings back happy memories and my teacher still works there.


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School picnics as a kid were amazing. My Parish/Gradeschool was right next to my neighborhood so I'd wake up hearing the parade when I was too young to be in it, and you could hear the loudspeaker echoing through my neighborhood all day announcing games and jokes and all of that crap. It was a lot of fun and the unofficial first day of summer for the first half of my life.


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I never assisted in the school carnivals but I always made sure to go to the May festival at my elementary school well after I went to high school. A lot of my friends still lived in the area of the school and it was a fun thing to do. I never cared for the games or prizes or anything. It was all a social experience to me.