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school asks girls, not boys, to take no-cursing pledge


Free Spirit
Staff member
A New Jersey high school asked girls — but not boys — to take a pledge to refrain from cursing, reported northjersey.com.
Lori Flynn, the teacher who launched the pledge at Queen of Peace High School, said, “We want ladies to act like ladies.”

New Jersey school asks girls — not boys — to take no-cursing pledge
I think this is stupid and sexist for them to only ask the girls to take this pledge. If they want the girls to do this I think it should also include the boys. What do you think?


Well-Known Member
Yeah, uh, what?

I can understand that it may be deemed as more unattractive for a girl to curse than a guy, but this is wrong. Cursing is a problem in all high schools for many students.

Why can't the "men start acting like real men"? Real men don't curse unless the situation truly calls for it.


Problematic Shitlord
Cursing is not a problem at all. Fear of language is crippling to a developing mind and should be shunned, not embraced.

But yeah, definitely a sexist approach. Maybe they'll be passing out aprons next?


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Definitely sexist. I remember in my school before it was the same in primary school. We had practical arts class but we didn't learn the same stuff as the boys. The boys had to do wood work stuff and we were taught "girly" stuff like crochet or making bags. :rofl: I think both boys and girls should have equal chance in their education and learn the same thing in school and follow the same rules.


Creeping On You
It's kind of weird seeing that in this day and age. A school treating boys different than girls that is. I think its reprehensible and not something that should be tolerated. If the girls can't curse, than neither should the guys.