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Movies Scenes you CANNOT watch in a Movie/TV Show


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I'm not the most sickened person when it comes to blood or gore, violence or anything similar, I'd even say I have an iron stomach to most things when watching a movie or t.v show that depicts such acts. However, contemplating this weekend I remembered watching "The Hills Have Eyes" remake that came out in 2006. I went to see the movie with one of my friends and of course it was scary and new to me, awesome story and plot. However, there was a rape scene that honestly...made me almost leave the theater. Like, it was too graphic for me that I turned away and my stomach really did loops just sitting through the act of the girl being raped by two of the deformed men.

It was a powerful scene for sure, maybe a bit too much. The rest of the movie was gore and survival, but I haven't watched the movie again ever since. Not that it was bad, but I just couldn't.

Are there any movies/scenes in movies that you can't watch/stomach?



/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Scenes that involve cutting or just seeing a knife or blade to be used on someone. Just the sight of it hurts me. It's really weird because I can watch someone being shot multiple times and feel nothing but someone being threatened with a knife is enough for me to cover my eyes. So I had to avoid samurai movies or Logan. Also eye gore or anything with close up eye shots (even if it's just putting contacts). It hurts too, haha. But I'm watching Attack Titan and I watch it with my daughter so she can tell me what's going on in a lot of scenes because the eyes and blades are prominent there.


Embrace the Suck
The rape scene in “The Last House on the Left”. It makes me incredibly angry, wanting to hurt someone who would do something like that.


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Not a huge fan of blood in general, but I've become a bit more desensitized to it.

There are certain scenes, like people bleeding from wrists/necks, that most of the time make me avert my eyes. I think I'm someone who would pass out if I saw enough blood in real life so it's not too surprising.

There's also
Shireen's death in Game of Thrones.
Definitely not as bad as a lot of other movie and TV scenes but it has an effect on me.