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Scavenger Collections


Son of Liberty
Ever find yourself collecting stuff you pick up off the ground. Especially if you enjoy spending time up in the mountains or the shore/beach. I've known some people who have extensive collections of arrowheads they've found in riverbeds, and others who collect random sea shells.

Me I'm more of a Mountain Scavenger.... I've found belt buckles, shovels, miners picks, and a few other really cool things. This one in particular is my absolute favorite find. I found it in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at a place on the Upper Kings River called "Camp 4 1/2". I was wandering along the river side when I spotted a piece of wood stuck under a rock about 5 feet out in the shallow (knee deep) water. So I treaded water and much to my surprise this is what I found:

I have no idea exactly how old it is, but judging by the Dovetail sites and the Barrel Twist, I'd have to say its at least 1900's... there is an "18~~" the ~~'s dont show up because of the corrosion, either way here are some others of it:



Oh, poppycock.
It doesn't have much to do with the actual topic but I think the last picture is really cool.


You really found that? That's pretty sick Ice!

Antique Road Show it!



Do What Thou Wilt
Ice, that is deffinately 1860-80s. Muzzleloading firearms where obsolete by the end of the seventies. If all you had to defend yourself at the time with a simple muzzleloader YOU IS FUCKED

I collect rocks, so if I see one that holds an appeal to me I'll pick it up.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Nice find Ice. Is there any markings on it? What is the total overall length of it?
I have a few friends who are into those and they say some can be worth big bucks while most civil war Black powder muskets don't fetch all that much due to the fact that they are pretty common.


Son of Liberty
yeah the markings on it look like three circles stacked in a pyramid like this:

thats about the clearest marking on it that I can find, you can actually see it pretty clear on the second pic in the spoiler, its just below that sight between some patches of corrosion and rust. I've used silver polish on it along with some other solvents & chemicals to try and remove the rust without really hurting the barrel itself. But it wasnt the most successful restoration I've ever attempted :hah: Mostly all I can spot are a few numbers and letters stamped in, but I cant make much out of them.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I'll pass this off to a few collector friends and see what i get back, if you don't mind me doing so.