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Scary stat about deaths and WM 7


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Saw this article and thought that I'd share...

Over 25 percent of the performers from Wrestlemania VII have died - Y! Sports Blogs - Yahoo! Sports

This one hits home for me because Wrestlemania 7 was the very first Wrestlemania that I ever saw. I can name all the matches in order and their results and pretty much guess the amount of time each match was; that's how many times I watched it growing up.

Over 25% is an alarming number. Hopefully wrestling deaths are going to be fewer and farther between with the new drug testing policy.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
That is definitely a scary stat. I truly believe that this generations wrestlers will most likely live a longer life than the ones that were performing in the 70-80s. They have it way better than what the likes of Mr. Perfect, Piper, Hart, ect. had. It also helps that the WWE has a drug policy which they didn't have back in the day.


Haters gonna hate.
This is a sad statistic to look at, but brings a chilling truth to the forefront. Wrestling is a tough business with a lot at stake every night they perform. Shame.


Registered Member
It's a scaring stat but the way I look at it, I'm sure most of the "heart attack" deaths are related to either cocaine use and steroids.

I forgot that the Big Boss Man had died a few years ago.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
That's really sad to see, but actually not shocking to me...which is sad in and of itself.

I'm definitely with Biz, though...wrestlers today are not only involved with better wellness policies, but they also have the sad example of what has happened to those who have come before them. It's something to really learn from in bettering the business.