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Movies Scary Movie 4


lmao...i cant wait. and it better be R i missed the sex jokes lol


Registered Member
the first one was funny, the second was ok. a fourth, not really necessary. i'll wait till its on cable to see it.

Anonym0uz Bitch

I just saw a preview...just as I thought, looks horrible.


How can they make fun of the village, it already made fun of it self! I saw A (one) preview, and I'm gonna be the first in line for a ticket xD seeing saw2 in a funny version outta be good

Anonym0uz Bitch

Well I suppose that just shows your young, the Village was retarted though, I will give you that, but this movie is just trash.


I will probably end up renting it. I saw the preview just yesterday while watching Smallville. Yeah I recognized the Saw 2 and Grudge, and Village ideas in it. I my brother will probably want to see it. He's into movies that are either full of action or completely pointless.


Film Elitist
I actually thought the 3rd one was the one of the funniest of the scary movie series, at least until the end.

I'm not sure about the 4th one however. It looks... somewhat funny?

I don't know. I'm probably giving this movie more credit than it deserves because my friend's uncle helped write and direct the scary movie series.

To tell you the truth, I don't know which series I should dislike more, the Scary Movie series, or the "Scream If I Know What You Did Last Friday The 13th" series.


the 1st one was okay. i dont remember the whole thing but the parts i remember are not as funny as the 2nd one but still decent.

the 2nd one was pretty funny. lol. it made me laugh a few times =]

the 3rd one was horrible. it was so boring, i fell asleep. -____-