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  1. ancredelamour

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    So Bond's thread made me want to hear about peoples pains and injuries. Do you have any scars? And how did you get them?

    I have one in the very center of my back from getting a carpet burn. I was 16.

    I have one right at the top of my butt crack, I was out drinking and got into the dump yard with some friends, and we were lighting stuff on fire! I got up on this really old lumber truck, and the fell floor out from under me and I cushioned the fall with my butt crack on top of a cracked old broken pipe. Wonderful! It was karma. I was 18.

    I have on on my left elbow from trying to teach someone how to turn on a skateboard while I was wearing roller blades, haha. I was I think ... 13.

    I have one on my left knee. I was being chased by a man with a wheel barrow! And I fell off the curb and totally split my knee open. I was um... also 13.

    And... there is a scar on my left big toe but I don't remember from what or when.
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  2. Rebeccaaa

    Rebeccaaa yellow 4!

    The only scars that have stuck with me so far are two that I've had for a couple of years now, both on my toes. That was from when I scraped the top side of my feet along the bottom of a swimming pool at a very fast pace. It stung a lot at the time but I definately didn't think I'd still have the scars it left for so long considering it wasn't a deep cut or anything. Didn't even bleed much, if I remember. They are only faint ones though.
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  3. Vidic15

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    I have a scar on my hand, two scars on the wrist, my head, shoulder and hip


    It started from a blister, and I tried popping it and the hand got swollen so I went in for a surgery to take out all the pus and bacteria. There is a scar there, but it's going away.


    This wrist scar, I remember how it happened, I was young and I was walking to my uncle's house and there was this fence that was made of rock and inside it, it had the metal poles or whatever, well one of the poles was bend out and I as I walked, my hand smashes into the pole, and it scratches my hand and I've got a scar to this day.

    Second scar on the wrist I have is from a dog bite when I was five years old, my grandpa had a German Shepherd and it was a nice dog, it never bit anyone, well and I was a curious George those days and being hyper and everything, I stood on the balcony and I jumped down, but I didn't see the dog, I landed on the grass and on the dogs tail at the same time, making him jump and bite me.


    I remember how this happened as well, I was hanging out with mates and playing Power Rangers as a little kid and I climbed on this pile of wood, it was around four meters in the air and as I was trying to get down, my foot got stuck and I tried taking it out, as I did it I fell down and hit my head on the first wood on the ground, making my head split open, I didn't get any stitches but it cured and I have no hair in that spot, but luckily enough the scar isn't that big.


    This happened when I was playing football and I went for mark, and this massive bloke, and by massive I mean fat bumps right into me, and sends me spiralling into another bloke and they squashed me and in that time, they made my collarbone pop out, actually pop out through the skin, leaving the scar.


    That's a scar from being stabbed, this happened two years ago, when I was hanging out with the bad crowd and I was in Sydney for NYE, and we walked home drunk and next moment I knew we got jumped and I felt a pain in my hip, and I collapsed and I found myself in the hospital with my hip stitched up and I never found out who did it.
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  4. Stab-o-Matic5000

    Stab-o-Matic5000 Cutting Edge in Murder

    The only one that has an interesting story is the cigarette burn on my hand.

    So I'm at this party with some co-workers, and I show up about an hour after the party started since I had to work that night. I'm offered a beer, and being the guy I am I ask if they have any hard liquor. I am told "Here, you can have this bottle of vanilla vodka, nobody's been touching that."

    Bad idea on their part.

    Fast forward and I've killed about a third of the vodka, done about 7 jell-o shots made with 99 bananas, and who knows how many beers (beer pong). So I'm pretty fucking belligerent at this point. One of my co-workers says "I kinda want to put this cigarette out on you." I respond to which by shoving my hand out and shouting "DO IT! FUCKING DO IT!" Her friend (who she refers to as her wife) says "No, don't put out a cigarette on his hand, that's not nice."

    Then I say "Come on, are you going to let the ball and chain run your life?"

    To which she responds: "FINE! FUCK YOU!" and slams the thing down on my hand. Meanwhile, I'm laughing my ass off.

    Honestly, I'm really amazed that the scar isn't worse, the one I got from my damn old electric oven is more noticeable.
  5. R1pperZ

    R1pperZ Registered Member

    The main scar I have is one from 7th grade, I was about 12. Me and my friend were cruising a 50cc dirt bike around the block as fast as we could. A 50cc bike is about the size of those pocket racer bikes. It was hard to turn since my knee's were hanging out in the way of the handle bars but we were just driving around the block of our neighborhood so we thought it would be ok.

    While turning a corner as fast as I could drive this thing I hit a speed dip with a puddle of water in it... Fell straight to the side then spun the other way, I had a helmet on but was wearing shorts. I got up and looked down to see bloody knee's and elbows and the bike was all the way up on the side walk and I was standing in the gutter. Was picking asphalt out of my knee's all night in the ER. I had to wrap it with gos pads for a month or so, and when I changed it every other day I had to rip the scab off my knee which hurt like a bitch. Doctor said it's best that way to prevent scar tissue from building up.
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  6. Impact

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    This reminds me of what i did to my friend once, only he was completely sober. It was a sunny day and we were all lying around outside, and he had his top off, and he had, you know, 'the perfect body' (tan, muscles etc) and i decided i wanted to put a mark on him. So he agreed to let me stub my cigarette out on his stomach. Hehe it gave me satisfaction and him a lovely round scar. Well, atleast he wont forget me :lol:
  7. wolfheart

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    I have several on my knuckles and fingers,some from work,some from fighting.
    I have a 2 inch scar on the left side of my abdomen from someone slicing me with a broken bottle when i was doing door work.

    I also have a very ragged scar on my lower back from pissing about with a shopping trolly when i was a kid,one of the thin metal bars had been snapped and pulled outwards,my mate rammed me with it and it tore a deep gash across my lower back right over the spine,had 16 stitches in that one.

    I now also have one six inches above that from having a cist removed a couple of years ago,plus a load of little white line scars from verious mishaps as a kid,i only have a couple on my face that can be seen if looking closly.
  8. Blueyes

    Blueyes Registered Member

    Some of my scars I can't even remember doing like the one that is about 2-3 inches on my shin.

    The ones that I do remember are tons of scars from the chicken pox the second time around. I have one spot on the side of my mouth and a ton on my body.

    On my hands I have quite a few from the steam table when I worked at Taco Hell but the one that stands out the most on my hand is from a saw when I was sawing wood at Girl Scout camp. It jumped from the wood to my hand of which I was holding the wood and I wondered around the camp looking for some bandaids until my mother found me and then freaked out. I also have a scar on the side of my hand from falling and smashing a jelly jar in my hand after I tripped over a chair trying to get someone to open it. I also have a couple more scars on a couple knuckles due to my brother smashing my hand in the car and truck door not once but twice, one on each hand. Needless to say we don't get along.

    I have 3 long scars on my right forearm from my cat when she scratched me at the vets office.

    I have some other scars but prefer not to say why they are there and some tattoos cover some of them now.
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  9. Dragon

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    I have a scar on my throat. When I was young, my mom said that I was fascinated with sharp objects. She said that when I was younger, I was running with scissors, tripped and cut my throat. I did not believe her and I went tothe mirror and shirt enough, there was a little scar to prove it.

    I have a huge scar on my chest for when I had heart surgery. Just to let you know that I am alright for now. I also have some small scars on my hands here and there. My skin is dry and it cuts up easily. I do put on lotion though.
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  10. Oooh_snap

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    I have tons of scars. I've got 5 or 6 on my stomach from surgery.

    I have 1 on my hand from being stabbed with a fork when I tried to steal a piece of my brothers chicken. :lol::lol::lol:

    I have one on my leg that only special people get to know about.

    I have one huge one on my back from trying to get away from my brother when we were rough housing. I tried to jump over the banister and over our dog crate.. I didn't quite make it and lucky me there was a metal piece hanging off and left me with a nice gash.

    There is one on my forehead from falling off the monkey bars.

    Then I have one in my eyebrow from my boxing years.

    I've got plenty more, but those are the short story of my most visable ones.

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