Scapegoat Sunday, May 21st 2006

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Scapegoat is one of Yu-Gi-Oh!'s oldest friends. It use to be ran @ 2 just to save your from the deadly blows. Then UDE decided they were going to make the rule on potions and gave birth to the goat control format.

Truly the goat control format was simply the best. Using 3 scapegoats, 3 metamorphosis, 3 Thousand Eyes Restricts, 3 Magician Of Faith, and a number of Tsukuyomi from 1-3 was magical.

Sadly the goat control format was killed in every way by limiting ever card of the combo to 1. That hurt the playability of scapegoat allot. It made it so that scapegoat would only be a -1. How ever that is changing now.

While scapegoat is still a -1 the tokens to it have become much more important. People are starting to run a number of Royal Decrees leaving Scapegoat a fine pick of to use if you are on either side of the Decree. Also the increase use of Creature Swap as well as Enemy Controller also make this thing at home. Oh and lets not for get about how it can save you from an opponents Return From The Different Dimension.

In short terms the card has good reason to see play. Try using it before you say no to it.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3.5/5 (with return here it'll help more)
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