Scandalous X-Ray..reveals male pelvic area.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Oh now that's funny. Poor guy. But I got a good laugh out of his misfortune.
I'll put this in my list. Thanks for the laugh. :lol:


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110 hits and three watchers in less than a ya think I could make it to high profile.....???? I am excited...didn't think it would fly so bids though...but it is still early
OMG Trina, that is so funny!! I was laughing so hard, my girls ran over to see what set me off, good thing I'm quick on the X (learned that at work)!! I knew something was going to be stuck in the anal cavity when you mentioned the auction, but I was thinking a piece of fruit! :lol:


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213 views in a hour and a half and 6 watchers......I cancelled the bidder as he sent me a mean e-mail......ugggggggg why bid???? I just don't get it!!!