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SCANDAL!: Figure Skating ...


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Apparently there is a story floating around that the Americans and Russians have an agreement. The Russian judges will help the Americans results in an event and the American judges will help the Russians results in an event. It was posted in some French paper and it's running around like a tornado.

Not the first time Canada would be fucked over by back door dealings...

http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/canadia ... --oly.html

Funniest part of the article is the phrase "Small arrangements between friends..." - Oh, how little we recall of the Cold War. What an awkward friendship!

Misha Mayhem

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GamerGeeksTodd told me about this, earlier. Interesting alliance, huh? Albeit... have you guys SEEN the Russian figure skaters? Good god. They're good.


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The result of the team event went just as L'Equipe suggested it would. Charlie White and Meryl Davis finished 7 points ahead of Virtue and Moir in the dance part and while people weren't necessarily prepared to say that Virtue and Moir were better they believed that White and Davis' performance did not merit being ahead by 7.

Misha Mayhem

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BourneofDarkness15 said:
Let the controversy continue, honestly this kind of stuff doesn't shock me but still sickens me
Hell, there's controversy in every sport anyway. LOL.
This is why I hate Russians. Even when they don't need to cheat because they have top athletes, they can't keep from doing it just to prove they can do anything they want.

But that's OK because we gonna kick their ass in the men's hockey tournament and wipe their asses all over Sochi and flaunt our fucking gold medal right in their corrupted faces. #FuckYouRussians