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Recently i purchased an xbox live subscription on Ebay... little did i know that i had fallen victim to a scam... when i bought it this guy had no negative feedback, so i figured that this was a great deal (12-month sub. for 30, you be the judge). I was wrong, he sold 28 copies of this and not one of us has received a word from him... A few days later i log on to see if he has sent anything, he hadn't, so i go to his feedback page... He got 5 Negative feedback comments in a matter of hours, so i think EBay deleted his profile... I have 6 more days before i can file my complaint with PayPal to get my money back... if youre on any other auction websites, beware of any sellers with the name brockmccormack92 or something similar.... he also uses the e-mail [email protected]... but dont count on him responding...


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I would file the claim if I were you. This happened to me several years back with a $500 video card, so at least you didn't get scammed TOO badly. Still unfortunate though. :(
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