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Scalia: Affirmative action doesn't help 'black scientists'


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Controversial or not?

I think he's an idiot for using the words, "slower-track school." It opened the door for people to turn the focus on his tone deafness and call him a racist.

It doesn't mean that the actual substance of what he was saying isn't true. Affirmative action programs admit lesser qualified students, by putting race ahead of academic performance as the criteria for admittance.


Free Spirit
Staff member
There was a time that affirmative action was needed but I think its time for it to end.

Just makes sense that if you put someone in a school that is above their academic abilities they are most likely going to fail.

I'm sure someone will be offended, we seem to live in country full of the chronically offended thanks to all this PC crap.


Embrace the Suck
This is what happens when you gets news from NY Daily News and don't understand how oral arguments work.

Arguments are presented by counsel. Questions are asked and positions are presented by the Justices to elicit a response from the arguing attorney. They want an argument that addresses the position presented. He wanted an argument to explain the position that blacks don't do as well in faster paced schools. He isn't an advocate, he's a justice.
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