Scalar Weapon Technology?


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With all of the talk about nukes, nobody has mentioned much of anything about scalar technology which would be leaps and bounds worse if used in a war.

This is a fairly long read but if this stuff is true then we could all be in for a surprise down the line.

If scalar technology exists and can really do what this article says, then essentially whoever had it would be doing the equivalent to turning on "God Mode" in World War III.

The basics of what this technology can supposedly do:

1. Destroy the earth
2. Mind control
3. Vaporize things
4. Destroy things from thousands of miles away with a button press
5. Create and effect weather patterns
6. Create and distribute crazy diseases
7. Wipe out huge areas of people while leaving buildings and non-life forms intact. Killing every living cell in the area, so much so that nothing that died will decay because nothing will be alive to decay it.

Oh, and supposedly the US and Russia, among others have been developing this technology since before any of us were born. That's probably why most of the websites that mention this type of technology are among the "conspiracy site" type.

Sound crazy? Read the stuff on that link above.

Then do a search in google for "Scalar technology" and you'll find all sorts of good stuff to keep you awake and paranoid.


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Reading about the guy and his conspiracies none of his claims carry any real conviction.Thomas E. Bearden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia There appears to be lots of talk and conspiracy and no true evidence or consistency in execution of the weapon, in one instance it does X and the next it does Y with no real suggestion that it does either.

I may be the sceptic but Im sure his books are making a nice retirement fund.


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Yeah I'm not so sure I believe it 100% but there does seem to be a lot of information out there on the subject.

Even if half of it is true I'd like to know which half... I really don't see any use to this at all and I'd rather it be 100% conspiracy nutjobs at best.


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Im sure Scalar technology is in development and its properties are being researched, what I doubt are the claims of what they are capable of, it all a little bit to science fiction. Maybe as a ray-gun or a heat generator(like microwaves) but as a weapon for mind control in one instance to a weapon pf mass destruction in the next, it just seems too far fetched, especially when he is almost alone in his comments.

Scalar weapons sound awesome(in a tech way) but his claims maybe need a pinch of salt.


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The Tesla stuff is really interesting. How he was supposedly able to move energy around. That's one of those things I've heard about forever, but have never really read anything in detail about. As I understand, this is not something that Tesla said in passing, its something that he actually pursued. Its one of those oddities in history that sounds like the ramblings of a crazy man, but was actually put forward by a scientific giant.

Not that I believe in these super weapons, but from what little I know, its a great story.


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Number 7 is probably possible and not to technologically too far off. Large amounts of gamma radiation could do that.


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It's only a matter of time before there is a mass extinction. I don't see how one country can hate another country so much that they feel it is necessary to eliminate everyone and everything in said country.


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I read up to the part where they started talking about reverse engineered alien spacecraft and stopped. There's only so much conspiracy bullshit that I can take before I don't care anymore.

As to Tesla, yeah, he was trying to develop a death ray, but the furthest he really got on the death ray concept was the Tesla coil.


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hmm seems incredibly far fetched to me, but then travel back in time and people would have thought that everyday pieces of technology we have now would have been completely impossible.

i assume i'd be dead before any of these super weapons would be created anyways.

and if not. i want one. :p