Movies Saw 3 (possible spoilers)


Ms. Malone
I thought there was a thread for this...

Anyway...what did you think of it?

I thought it was the most grousome thing right from the word go! It seemed to get worse as the series went along and 3 seemed to top the lot, but with the ending it had do you think there could be a 4th?


I think Saw and Saw 2 were better in a way. The series is really getting repetitive and predictable.
The movie was gruesome but the story was pretty dull and unexciting. I expected more.

I have read that they are going to start filming Saw 4 & 5. I wonder how that's gonna work especially since John Cramer and Amanda died.


Ms. Malone
i know, when 3 came out i was like 'stop there!' but when it ended i reconsidered and thought 'yeah just one more!'


Film Elitist
Yeah, the 4th SAW comes out in 07.

Personally I thought the 3rd one was ok for the SAW series, it had it's hits and misses, few random christ-figure refrences here and there, but at this point the 4th is just producers enjoying capitalism.

Been getting wind of quite a few bad sequels here and there. Since I'm back for a little while, I may get on that.


For a Free Scotland
Eh, they're big moneymakers. Only one set for most of the movie, no multiple country-filming stuff. Hell, in the first one they had enough money left over to grab Danny Glover.


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The Saw Series are getting crapper.

Saw and Saw 2 were alright. But starting 3, 4th and 5th, is a little bit overline.

If I was the director, i would have gotten out of ideas by end of the Saw 2.

And I might watch Saw 3 soon