Saving the environment


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I was wondering if any of you anything in particular to help the environment? Please exclude recycling: paper, bottles/cans and food. Things like taking the bus to work, walking ect can be considered. Discuss


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We recycle cardboard and plastic/glass products. Other than that, there's nothing else we can really do at my house.


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Apart from the usual recycling paper and plastic and tins and things I don't really do much else to help the enviroment. I re use plastic bags and I turn the lights off when not being used oh and I wash my clothes at 30 degrees apparently that helps too. Apart from that nothing else.


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I would like to do more, but I really can't. If I see trash on the ground I pick it up. We don't recycle because it's like fifty bucks for a bin. According to my dad, at least.


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I sk8 and will only drive if I have to. I've also rode my bike a little over 5 miles to the lake with my friends to go swimming. i'd like to get more involved when I get through school but it's really tuff to get optomistic with everything that's going on.


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recently, just the recycling bit. i seem to be a little older than most of you and won't bore you with an old man's reminicings:lol:. at one time i was something of an activist. protested for various causes like keeping nuclear weapons out of new york harbor (which we largely accomplished), and refusing to eat tuna (thereby saving dolphins) which actually effected changes in the way the tuna fishing industry makes it's catches. there were protests to save the rain forest (which had little effect, sadly). not to mention, various other causes. there really is something empowering about being part of the solution, no matter how small your role in it is. it's about fighting the good fight.



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I dont do much but I do a few. I keep the lights off when I dont need to use them. I walk at work and I bought re-usable bags to pack my groceries. Like I said it's not much but anything helps.


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My family made the switch to a pellet stove last year. Doesn't use petrol, but uses wood pellets, a saw mill bi-product. So, its pretty carbon neutral.