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Saving Money


New Member
What habits to you follow to save money? In my house we save all of our change and one dollar bills. It adds up quickly and leaves us with a nice deposit for our savings account every month. The best part is it's almost painless! lol Do you have a small habit like this?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Well one way that works well is if you have a savings account that you do not take money out of no matter what except for what you are saving for. If you are saving just to have retirement money for example, don't take the money out for anything else.

Right now there is a monitor I've been wanting for a while that I am thinking about saving for. I could buy it now if I wanted but my theory is if you take the time to save the money then you'll also have plenty of time to change your mind. I'd rather change my mind before buying than after. ;)


New Member
Rainy day funds are always fun and helpful.

I'm just basically scrimping and saving at the moment, and taking any extra jobs I can for a little extra cash. I also try to keep going out for meals to a minimum...you can blow tons of money by eating out regularly.


Registered Member
My Kid started this and now it has become a saving tip to us. She got a "piggie bank" and every day she used to collect 2$ from me and 2$ from her dad. Believe it or not...at the end of the year, she gave the Piggie bank as a christmas gift to us!!! and that money really helped us to plan our vacation. You too can give a try!!!


Registered Member
Limiting my cigarette consumption helps save my money (I need to quit), and walking as much as possible instead of driving. I also have an automatic transfer from my checking account to my saving account of $30 every month. It's amazing how the convenience of bank cards makes spending money such a problem.


Registered Member
Deposit all your money in a checking account and anything left over, transfer it over to a savings account and make sure you keep a little extra in the checking for pity cash. Also, if you savings for long term consider a CD with a high interest rate adn T-bills.