Saving for retirement?


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Do you put money away in a savings account, IRA's, 401k, etc?

What are your thoughts on saving money in general?

I personally would like to save more than I have been. I have put some money in savings but I'd like to save more. It makes more sense to get interest than simply keeping it in a checking account.

It's actually pretty amazing how much money can grow over a few decades at a decent interest rate.


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If you start putting money in and IRA or Roth before you are 25 and stopped after 10 years you will still have more money than if you started when you 35 and put money in for 30 years.

Saving for retirement is very important. I already started to put my money away in mutual funds.


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We put a small amount into a high yield savings that isn't attached to any checking accts so it's not conveinent to get to and also into a 401K. It's not near what we would like to be saving though, so as we eliminate debts and make more money, they will be increased substantially. We would love to have at least 6 months worth of income saved in a savings acct at all times and hopefully can acheive that over the next few years.


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We've got money in put away in Capital Bonds. Also every time we have managed to accumulate a reasonable amount we put it away in a savings account.
I've been saving money for my retirement since I'm 20. I know the importance of retirement money. Until now I'm still putting money into it. Even my husband didn't know anything about it yet. It's for my own security and personal reasons. I will eventually tell him about it when I retire.


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I haven't put anything away yet, I'm only 19 so I'm enjoying my money and youth while I can. The company I work for will automatically introduce a pension scheme when I reach 25 so I'm satisfied I'll have something for my impending retirement.