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Saving Barbies...


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I know alot of us have little girls, and with the territory tends to come Barbie dolls and Bratz, and quite a few others. I also know that horridly tangled doll hair comes with this territory as well.

If you want to revive the dolls hair and make her beautiful again, just follow these easy time consuming steps while watching a good movie ;) And yes I meant to say time consuming. That's why I told you to put a movie on silly! lol


ºdetangler spray ~OR~ 1tsp hair conditioner mixed with 1 1/2 cups water in a spray bottle

ºfine tooth comb

ºmedium rod curling iron (set to low)


Ok, some things are optional but really help glam the gals back up: hair shine spritz/spray, small amounts of hair gel or mousse.

Ready? Set... here we go: Plug your curling iron in and turn it on low and allow it to heat up. Water shouldn't sizzle on it but should evaporate fairly quickly. If its too hot you will melt the dolls hair.

Spray the entire doll's head with detangler. Not dripping wet but good n damp.

With your fine tooth comb, start at the bottom of the hair and slowly work out tangles. Then go to the middle and work those out... then the top and comb through several times.

In small sections, about >____< that much at a time, add a teensy teensy bit of gel or mousse if you wish. If not, then start at the top of the hair section that you just detangled (should still be good n damp) and glide your curling iron down the hair fairly quickly until the hair is dry.

DONT TRY TO STYLE HER HAIR YET!!! It will only make a mess.

Keep sectioning out the hair and detangling and straightening until its all flat and tangle-free. Try and keep with the hairs placement direction.

After you are all finished straightening ALL OF IT, comb through it again.

Now if you would like to add a little body to the 'hair' double the section size, and quickly run the curling iron over it again while curling under or out a few times until you get the desired look.

Don't leave the curling iron on the plastic hair for too long, IT WILL MELT (Im really tryin to stress that!)


Ok now all of you can say "ummm did you really do this?" Yes I DID! And have many times before. It's really not Chrysta's fault that a well played with doll's hair gets tangled. And I want her to have pride in her toys. Amazingly, each time I do the doll's hair, Chrysta wants to play with her pretty dollies again. And those are about all she's getting to keep out of the Clean Sweep 2005 Session in my house LOL

Any questions, just ask :)
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What helpful advice Iggy. Thanks for sharing it! My youngest (5) inherited my 10 years olds Barbies yesterday and some of them were so ratty I was going to just throw them away. Now I will try this to make them pretty again! Now the youngest wants to sell her Fisher Price Doll House stuff so she can get a Barbie house....... :::sniffle:::: she is growing 2 fast!


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I can't believe how early kids get into Barbies these days. My nieces started wanting them before they could even talk properly.

I had to hunt down this stupid Malibu Ken for one of my nieces and then she needed another Ken, so the only one I could find who didn't look like he'd just walked off the set of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was Rio who was from ... you guessed it ... Rio De Janiero. Now that doll was a hit with the girls! And no hair to mess up, just that plastic lump on top of his head.

I'll have to send your directions to my sister-in-law ... I know the girls have a large number of Princess type barbies that need serious help with their hair. Thanks for the tip!


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My kid loves barbie very much and i will show my kid the message you have posted here. Thanks for sharing.