Saving a terrorist


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Doctors are sworn to help heal a person regardless of gender, beliefs, race etc. etc.

But would you, one who is no doctor, do something about saving an injured/a terrorist's life?

I'm undecided regarding this, would like to know your thoughts on the matter.


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I need a scenario to imagine more what I might do in that case. My first thought is that I would not. However when I think of doctors trying so do the same thing, I agree that they should save. So I'm not really sure.


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They would be the last on the list but I would still make the attempt to save them.

If I had the knowledge to help them and as it is in my nature to do so. I would be no better than they if I choose to do nothing, Im not that person.

I would hope that if I were successful they would be enlightened by the humanity.


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Seeing as I am not sworn to this thing known as the "Hypocratic Oath" I most certainly would not save their life. Sure, military medics and doctors are forced to swear it, but me as a civilian won't.

Though, Bananas has a good point


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It's the hypocratic oath. When you go into the medical field, you go in knowing that you're probably going to have to save a life that you don't want to because of your beliefs. But you have to because you're the medical caregiver.

But to answer the question, I'd still try my hardest to save the persons life. Terrorist or not, I don't care WHO they are so much as what I can to do save them. I find the body to be fascinating and I'd see what I could do to fix the problem.


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I for one would not like Hiei poking around with his fingers in my body. (Nenenenenene). But the point still stands. MAybe I would save them, or I would'nt: depends on my mood.


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I would save the terrorist;s life. I am a type of person who would help anyone even those who have been mean to me. I can't stand to see another human being die in front of me when I know I can help them. Plus saving a terrorist may provide some intelligence. That's if they are willing to talk.


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One thing is for sure, it would be a lot harder if they had just killed people I knew.

Luckily I'm not in the medical field so I don't have to decide for sure. Honestly though, it's not worth losing your license over so I would.

I might leave a sponge in them though. :lol:


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If I knew that they were a terrorist who has taken the lives of several innocent people then I would not save them. I might make it look I like I am trying to but I would not. I wouldn't want the burden on my shoulders of knowing they got better because of my actions and went right out and killed more innocent people.


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The only time I'm likely to encounter a terrorist is with the Army. If the terrorist is fighting me, I'll fight back.

But if we capture enemy combatants, we're required to give them medical attention, and provide food and shelter for them (as much food and shelter as everyone else in my unit gets). So that's what I'd do.