Saverio "Sav" Rocca?....anyone?


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Does anybody know what team Sav Rocca plays for? He's an old Australian Football League player from my team who moved over to the US to play in the NFL and i cant, for the life of me, remember what team he's in.

And if any one does know him, hows he doin?

This is him:



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He had two great seasons with the Eagles and is currently on their roster for the 2009 - 2010 season.

You should look him up on YouTube. ;)


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He's had some bad plays but overall he has done well. It is real hit or miss with him. He'll either place the ball beautifully and confirm why they picked him up, or he will shank it short and make you say wtf. More of the positive though. And yes on youtube there is a highlight of him getting leveled and properly welcomed to the NFL.

What no helmet to helmet flag?
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Philladephia Eagles.

He lived just down the street to me, well his parents are still there, and Anthony, who also plays in the AFL usually comes down the area once or twice a week.