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Movies "Save the Cheerleader . . ."


New Member
Enough said! Anyone else love to watch Heroes? I can't wait until it comes back on! I am a huge sci fi gal and I love this new show!


what? no pink?
Yes I love that show. I got hooked on this show from the start. sylar scares me to death! I'm sure he's the devil : )


Secret Agent
Staff member
I haven't watched this one yet but it does look pretty good. I still have a few other shows I want to get caught up on before starting anything new. :)


I watch Heroes. I like the show...I don't really know why. But it's really cool.:D


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
I think Heroes is great, well the first season I really liked anyway. From what I've seen of series 2 I'm not feeling it as much this time around. Certain time continuity issues and some stuffs becoming borderline silly but I'll probably stick with it. Peter and Sylar are great characters so their storylines alone will probably keep me watching.


Registered Member
The first season was interesting, but I missed the ending. The new season was rather boring, so I stopped watching it.

They seem to be drawing a lot of former Star Trek actors to the cast. There's been at least four that I've seen on the show.


Forum Drifter
Watch it every week! Well not now of course because of the writer's block but ya know it'll be back and I'll keep watching it!


Well-Known Member
Originally when I began to watch the first season I thought it was going to be kind of like X-Men meets Lost. I was expecting more super human fights and such..but hardly any of them use their powers...it sucks. Now season 2 added new people to confuse viewers, new powers that are hardly used too....this show needs more fights.