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Saudi Arabia tests man for Ebola


Free Spirit
Staff member
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- Saudi Arabia said Tuesday it is testing a man for the Ebola virus after he showed symptoms of the viral hemorrhagic fever following a recent trip to Sierra Leone.

Ebola outbreak: Saudi Arabia tests man suspected of having virus - CBS News
Ebola is just a plane ride away for most countries. If I were any country I would stop travel to and from the places that are having a outbreak. They don't have it under control and I'm starting to wonder if they will.

Saudi Arabia is advanced and well equipped enough I think they can quickly get a outbreak under control and people there trust doctors more than they do in Africa.

The Saudi's aren't going to issue visa's this year to the religious pilgrims in the three countries suffering a outbreak. A wise idea.



Registered Member
All of west Africa should be under quarantine till they solve that issue. If it becomes a global pandemic then it could kill half of the population (or more) of the whole planet. But yeah Saudi Arabia has a better chance to fight it but nobodys perfect and somebody could still spread the disease that they didnt find.