Satoshi Kon has died


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5

I can't believe I just found out about this. :dork: Like seriously.

Satoshi Kon is one of my favorite directors. Heck, my avatar is from his movie Paprika. I also liked his not-so-confusing works like Tokyo Godfathers. I own DVDs of his movies and series except Perfect Blue. Now I want to see it!!!

So this is how the news hit me. The annual Japan Expo in Paris is going to be held at the end of this month and I was checking out the programme. Then I got VERY excited when I saw "Satoshi Kon" :hyper: I thought he was visiting and I was ready to bring my stuff so he can sign them. And then I saw the word "tribute"....I thought, for what?

Then there's the news about how he died last year. WHAT?!!! Have I been living under the rock? Well when I saw the date, it made sense. I was on a cruise at that moment, away from any news of the world. When I came back, they had other news going on papers/net. I wondered why no one talked about it on GF and saw this thread buried with no replies (no wonder it got easily buried). I wish Mal had linked me, he knew I liked Satoshi. Anyway, so instead of making my own thread about him and my late discovery, I decided to just bump this thread so those who missed Mal's links could see them too.