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My mum's just got a tom-tom sat nav. It's one of the best lil gadgets I've ever seen! Before buying one we'd heard of all these horror stories about them... Taking you the wrong way up one way streets... going to completely opposite places... etc.

Despite this we haven't had any problems and I think it's wicked! Anyone else got a sat nav, and what do you think of it?
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I got a tom-tom for Christmas because I'm always getting lost. So far so good! I have the irish man accent setting for the directions its great :lol:


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I use to have a tom-tom for when I drove around Europe. Personaly I found it to be a distraction.

I admit it would be switched off for 99% of the journey, it was good to use as a street map but was fairly useless for directions and would suggest some silly routes(through city centres instead of around orbitals!), I am sure they were correct just not practical.