Sasquatches - Probable or Improbable

Discussion in 'Science & History' started by Smelnick, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. Smelnick

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    First off, for those that aren't in the know how, heres a wiki article about them

    Bigfoot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    When I was a young kid, I read a book in the library about the sasquatch legend. I was pretty intrigued, but then again, I was 10, so of course I believed it. Now that I'm older and have thought about it

    What do you think about this? Do you think that a creature like the sasquatch could actually exist, and yet never have been discovered? If not a sasquatch, could there possibly be some other kind of creature?

  2. PretzelCorps

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    There had been some theories floating around way back when I'd read that suggested it was possible that Neanderthal man had not died out in pre-history, but had rather lived a more animalistic/tribal life in small pockets around Cro-Magnon well into the middle ages, thereby resulting in the various stories and fables of ogres, trolls, etc. I'd say it's possible for the legend of Bigfoot to be an extension of this effect, though I think most historians agree that earlier forms of man are most definitely extinct these days.

    Like most people, I don't personally believe in media's version of Sasquatch, myself; it's made especially hard when there's conditions like Hypertrichosis floating around.
  3. icegoat63

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    with no articles to back me up or anything of that sort... yeah I'm gonna say I do believe that it can exist. Although we as intelligent humans cover alot of ground... I'm sure that we have yet to cover it all. I mean new species are discovered every day, wads of 'em every week.

    Why couldnt some sort of missing link be discovered deep in a remote area where Man doesnt go often if at all?
  4. Major

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    I'm gonna say no. If something like that existed today it would not be hard to find and prove. Humans have gone to the most remote places on the planet to track rare animals much smaller than a sasquatch.
  5. oxyMORON

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    I don't think an animal like the bigfoot exists, at least not in northern america. I think there have been reports of Yetis, which are basically snow bigfoots, up in the Himalayas. it's a bit harder to carefully search in the snowy mountains, but I still think it's highly improbable.
  6. Arcticwolf

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    It could exist. I believe there are thousands of species and animals out there that we don't know about and/or can't even imagine. Some of the shows I watch have good evidence and some don't. I'm usually the type of person who needs proof for something to exist. Not allt he time, but in cases like this, more than likely. Example.....I don't think there's enough proof for aliens to exist but i'm deathly afraid of them. Maybe it's just the idea but wow, scary to me, lol.
  7. Bananas

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    I dont believe they exist but I do suspect they have existed and kind fo follow the theory Pretzel presents earlier in this thread in that we have caught the tail end of these species extinctions.
  8. Rapier

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    I'm of the opine that they are dazed drunken coyote ugly women who are trying to find their way home without diminishing what little dignity they have left.
  9. Merc

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    Nothing personal Echoes, but I think that mindset prevents a lot of scientific progress. I mean, we would think it would be easy to find such a thing, but then again look at how long it took to find the Coelacanth and the Giant Squid. I don't buy the Bigfoot myth as most of its highest quality evidence has been debunked (including the most famous footage which has been claimed by two men as a hoax video). That being said, there are many cryptids that appear to have much more evidence. Personally, I think something like the Chupacabra is much more strange especially since its supposed prey (animals with single puncture wounds and their blood drained) cannot have their deaths explained away.
  10. Shikimi_Farkash

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    I think I need to see more evidence before I form an opinion.

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