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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Merc, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Merc

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    Okay, so I started this thread as conversations of Palin started in another thread. So why do you think Palin was a good/poor choice for vice presidential candidate? Do you think she should run for president in 2012?

    I know the media plays a big role in public image so right now I'm establishing a rule in this thread: Anyone bitching about the "media" brainwashing people is not allowed. Grow up. We all know the media shapes an image and we know Palin was not favored. Let's get past that.

    To me, Palin was a desperate attempt by the Republican party to gain women voters. Almost all of Palin's views were in line with conservatism and I don't see how pairing a serious conservative with a republican who has centrist tendencies can be a good idea. Here are some of Palin's views:

    - Creationism should be allowed in school
    - Against abortions
    - Against contraceptives in schools
    - Against same sex marriage
    - Against legalization of marijuana
    - Believes in "Death panels"

    So to me, it was clear I was not voting for McCain, which was really disappointing because I thought McCain was a balanced candidate with some solid views. He was just enough of Bush to keep republicans happy and just enough democrat to keep the democrats happy but as soon as Palin came into the picture, the whole campaign fell to shit. I just don't see Palin as an appropriate candidate. Like Obama, I think she lacks the experience in many facets of the country to lead. I also am not a big fan of her opposition to many socially progressive issues.

    So I dislike Sarah Palin because of how she was basically George Bush plus tits.

    What do you think of Palin?

  2. Major

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    Not only do I disagree with most, if not all of her views, I could just never vote for someone who doesn't believe in science. She seems very ignorant and unintelligent.
    She tried to portray herself as the perfect mom with a perfect family, but I didn't buy that for a second. She's hands down the worst presidential or vice presidential candidate that I can remember and I'll laugh my ass off if she runs in '12 and somehow wins the Republican nomination.
  3. CaptainObvious

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    I don't see how thinking intelligent design should also be taught in school and the Constitution doesn't bar it is not believing science. And to be fair, she doesn't believe in death panels, that's her interpretation of the Obama plan that appears to ration care. I don't think that's a misguided interpretation.

    Overall, she did a pretty good job as governor of Alaska. I don't think that necessarily translates to the federal level though, and don't think she would have made a good vice-president or president had McCain died in office. I don't want to see her run in 2012.
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    I liked Palin for one reason.

    To me, she didn't feel like a Politician. She felt like someone who seriously believed in what she said and not only do she believe in it, but she'd stand by it. Do I agree with everything she had to say? Hell no, I agree with some of it, but lets be honest here... the day we get a Person running for office that holds each and every one of our stances dearly is the day you're looking at a Con-Artist.

    So now the question is probably, well if you don't agree with her; why would you prefer that over the competition?

    Simple... this country sucks right now. We're coming out of the big Personal Computer Money boom that happened in the 90's (Which I'd like to say is neither Clinton, Nor Bush's Doing... we thank the Entrepreneurs for that) As all Bubbles do, that one is shrinking down to size and Big Money gets lost. So now people are metaphorically running around like chickens with their heads cut off screaming "I don't know what to do!". To me Palin seems like the kind of person to just say "This is what we're going to do". Thats not a trait I feel our Politicians today hold, they dilly dally on decisions, they promise one thing and dont do another, then end up doing neither. They are so focused on getting Re-Elected that they arent focusing on doing whats best for the Nation, for the People.

    And heres the thing, throughout American History the Politicians and other Notable figures that actually made the Right choices and Helped this nation were the ones that ended up being despised for their actions in office and were pretty much left a Broken Man afterwords. I truly believe that would be the case in Palin, she'd go in make decisions that people would hate. But then a decade or two down the road we could look back and think "well that was a good decision in the end.... At least someone had the balls to make a decision."
  5. ExpectantlyIronic

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    She wasn't nearly educated or worldly enough to be tenable as a good choice for vice-president.
  6. MenInTights

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    Just to clear up one thing about Palin and then a general tidbit of history.

    #1 - McCain was losing the entire election until he selected Palin and then he held the lead until his decision to suspend his campaign to focus on the economy. McCain was the only reason McCain lost the election.
    #2 - The Democrat and Republican parties hated Reagan in 1976. Many of the same things were said about him. He wasn't educated enough. He was too religious. He didn't buy into the evolution fairy tale. He had a bad family...etc.
  7. Major

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    She doesn't believe in evolution, global warming, fruit fly research, among other things.

    And MiT, your post isn't even relevant to what this thread is about.
  8. Mirage

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    I liked her as VP choice but I think she was too polarizing to pull the independent votes. Would I have liked to see her as VP? Sure. She'd be one of the better and upstanding VP's we've had in a long time. I think that's exactly the reason people didn't like her. Simply put, they disagreed with her core principles. It's a fair reason to not like somebody.
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  9. CaptainObvious

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    Her beliefs of how we came about don't make her unintelligent. I don't believe we're doing very much at all to contribute to the Earth warming, the evidence is still inconclusive, I guess that makes me unintelligent also. I don't know about what she thinks about fruit fly research or in what context.
  10. Mirage

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    I guess that sounds about right. If somebody disagrees with scientific THEORIES then they are unintelligent?

    That makes for a large list of idiots out there, including Christopher Columbus, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, etc.

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