Santino is going down

Creative does not care for santino anymore so don't think he will be getting any pushes any time soon.

What do you think of santino? Push or job?


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I think he should just stay put. Right now he is not the underdog so to speak in the WWE which is what they had set out for him to be so just keep him there and maybe let him work some Heat matches or something just to keep him going.
I agree with what Adrew said once again rofl

I hate santino and have felt that way from the day they brought him in to wwe.

Maria is so beautiful.


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Santino is going down hill, they tried a gimmick with him, they wanted him to be a giant killer, and he started off well in Italy when he defeated Umaga, and people were cheering like crazy for him, because he was technically a fan,(I know it was planned) but then he started to wrestle in the states and he hasn't gotten the same ovation. So I doubt he'll be with the WWE for much longer.