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Santa Maria Possibly Found


Free Spirit
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Archaeological investigators believe they may have discovered the long-lost remains of Christopher Columbus’ flagship, the Santa Maria.

Archaeologists think they’ve found Santa Maria — exactly where Columbus said it would be
This is good news, although I doubt much of it is left, but still finding something like this is awesome if indeed this is it. They found it right where Columbus said it would be. I wonder what they will find in the way of cargo.

If this is it you will have to go to Haiti to see it. They plan on putting it on display there which they think will give their tourism a boost.

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Yeah, that ship has been lost for a very long time. You'd think they would have thought to look where Columbus said it would be though. Maybe I'm new to this whole search thing but don't you always search where the first hand accounts (especially from an expert like Columbus) say something is located?

That's like hearing that Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota and deciding you're going to look for it in Nebraska, there's no point.

I do think a major find like this would give tourism a boost anywhere. As far as I'm aware, Haiti isn't really known for having much tourism, this will probably be a big boost. There are plenty of people that would like to see this ship if they actually found it.