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Santa Maria, California


Son of Liberty
I'll be taking one of my rare vacations this upcoming weekend. Really excited about it and already lining out how things are "supposed" to go. Although I'm not usually a strict itinerary kinda person its still nice to get a concept of whats around.

The main attraction to the trip will actually be at the Santa Maria Speedway where I'll be doing some shots of the Race there that Saturday Afternoon.

So have any of you ever been to Santa Maria? I plan on taking tons of pictures as this will be the first trip to the Coast that I'll make with the Canon Rebel.

Santa Maria is just down (south) the 101 from San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, and Nipomo.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I believe I've been there but just in passing. We did this long road trip from SF to LA but the long stopover we ever took in between was only in SLO.

Do take some pretty pictures.

ps. misb! you're out this wknd and so am I.


Son of Liberty
I'll have my phone, so my spree wont die :hah:

however I cant really do much modwork via my phone 'cause GF mobile doesnt really cater so well to the mod aspect.

I had to laugh when I booked my rooms at the hotel. They offered "Complimentary Dial Up internet" hahahaha I mean really... complimentary dial up? Who the heck even uses dial up any more :hah: sounds more like a torture than a compliment!

but I really dont plan on even bringing my laptop out, hell I might not even bring it!