SanFrancisco. liberal haven. certified shithole

yea and none of the city officials like nancy pelosi live in the area theyre off in the mansions livin off the ppls taxes and fed money cuz the state is in disaster and i also heard they start fires to get state of emergency fed money not to mention this rail car thing they keep askin money for and isnt needed nor is it progressing into a viable project just dumpin money into it


Free Spirit
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Pelosi doesn't know what day it is half of the time. Probably can't even remember where she lives. Somehow she will get around to blaming SF homeless problem on Trump or maybe Bush when she forgets who the president is.
i didnt know she had memory problems too... guess it serves one right when one lies so much they lose their mind

i heard a recent report that finestien may lose her re election.. pray it happens. she apparantly had a chinese spy as a driver for over two decades