Lion Rampant
In the western unmerciful desert
There's a trail marking steps of a man
Who escaped from the city with only his life
For the chance to scrawl words in the sand.

He would leave his car next to the highway -
There was not enough gas to go home -
He would wander for miles, then fall to his knees
And deliver his heart in a poem:

"May kisses turn your bones to butter

And your happiness refuse to hide.

May love close your eyes,

Coax your soft lips apart

And bring you all comfort inside."

There's a trail leading out to this writing
But no footprints heading away
And it's said if you're brave and go out in the wilds
You might still find him kneeling today.
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Lion Rampant
Danke schoen, Colonel! LOL @ "brain vomit"! I'm happy that you recognize this bit as that kind of sincere expression. ^_^
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