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San Diego Mayor - Scandal


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I read this one today, I have to say that I'm completely shocked that he is simply unwilling to step down after such a big falling out.

San Diego mayor ignores calls to resign, plans 2 weeks of 'therapy' instead | Fox News

Seven women have come forward and claimed that he has made "sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances."

If this was a situation like that of Herman Cain where he denied anything ever happened and there was no solid evidence then I'd understand. He's not denying that anything happened though, instead he's announced he's going through two weeks of intense therapy.

How can two weeks of therapy change what has obviously become an unhealthy pattern? Why is he refusing to step down? You can't use therapy to fix such big problems in a small window of time.

He says he's taking responsibility for his actions. False, if he was taking responsibility for his actions then he'd be resigning.


Problematic Shitlord
Sounds like this is getting worse each day. I think he should have resigned. The rest of his time as mayor, if the recall vote doesn't happen, are going to be very harsh and miserable. He should take the high road and walk.
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The guy needs to save face and resign. It's possible that one or two women coming forward claiming sexual harassment can be a fluke/attention-grabbing maneuver but not seven. That would be massive collusion.

I don't know that sexually harassing women has an effect on his ability to be a mayor but it would definitely hurt his respect among his constituents.


Embrace the Suck
He definitely needs to step down, he's embarrassing himself and the city. And Anthony Weiner needs to quit the NY mayoral race. He's just flat out embarrassing and disgusting, I might add.


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I love how all of these politicians have a major moral fallout and somehow only the side that disagrees with their policy calls for them to step down.

Why the double standard? Why is it so much better for a democrat to sexually harass someone? Their policy?

I agree, he's embarrassing himself and his city. It's absolutely disgraceful that he's not stepping down after this.


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San Diego will shut this guy down.

Hooters (all 4 locations in San Diego) has posted signs saying that they will not serve the mayor. This will catch on. This city will eat this man alive until he resigns and moves.

Good for San Diego.


Free Spirit
Staff member
He should of been striving to be the best mayor he could be to begin with. Don't you just love it when someone says they will start doing better after they are caught. Don't think two weeks in therapy is going to change anything. He needs to just step down then deal with his problems.